One of the most important sections within your strategic business plan focuses on technology, which in today’s environment is more important than ever. The cost and necessary support for technology is one of your highest annual expense items. Prioritizing and planning your investment on new technology will keep you from encountering unwanted “surprises” when you least expect them.

developing a multi-year technology strategy

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Our advisors are experienced in gathering information about your current systems and identifying ways to take advantage of what you have in place today. We will make recommendations for new technology if needed that will allow your staff to be more productive. We will also review how your customers use your digital services and provide recommendations on new technology that makes it easier to bank with you.

Additionally we will compare the information that we gather from your staff to what executive management deems most critical for your financial institution. This may be providing faster loan processing from applicant to closing processes or more flexible cash management services. If you are like our other clients there will be several important technology initiatives that will need to be addressed over time.

Whatever your priorities, we will help develop and document a multi-year technology strategy that is in line with your business plan. As with any strategy, it must be flexible to the changing times. Our deliverables include an electronic version of the plan document as well as the training for your staff on how to modify it as your business plans change.

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