Strategic Technology Planning


One of the most important sections within your strategic business plan regards technology. The cost of technology and the necessary support for that technology is most often one of your highest expense budget items. Prioritizing and planning your spending on new technology will keep you from encountering unwanted “surprises” when you least expect them.


Our advisors are specifically trained to gather information on your current systems. We will work with you to identify the features worth retaining and will suggest features that are lacking, and that would allow your staff to be more productive. We will compare the information that we gather with what executive management deems the most critical functions for your financial institution. For some, the most important priority may be to provide fast, efficient loan closing. While others may feel that providing the most flexible cash management services is of the highest priority. You will likely have more than one priority.

Whatever your priorities, we will help develop and document a multi-year technology strategy that is in line with your business plan. As with any strategy, it must be flexible to the changing times. Our deliverables include an electronic version of the plan document as well as the training for your staff on how to modify as your business plans change over time.

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