Deposit and Lending Process Improvement


Traditional deposit operations and lending processes do not allow financial institutions the opportunity to take advantage of newer technologies, nor do they provide the end customer the most effective business relationship. Frederick Martin Advisors will differentiate you from your competition by enabling you to serve your customers and/or members more quickly and efficiently.

Our Approach

Our specialists in lending or deposit operations have the experience to bring proven ideas to your financial institution on how to best improve your process. Before we make recommendations on process redesign, we first gain a solid understanding of your culture and the market you serve. It’s necessary to fully understand your financial institution’s business strategy, use of existing technology and the skills of your current staff. Once we are well versed on your current state and understand the vision you foresee for the future state, we can begin to develop recommendations that address your specific requirements.

The revised process may not require a change in your technology, but if it does our staff can help develop the requirements as well as recommend the vendors that will best address your requirements. We can guide you through the selection process and help negotiate a contract that has favorable service level agreements at a competitive price.

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