About Our Company

A Message From The Managing Partner

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you learned more about Frederick Martin Advisors and how we might help you be more successful. Our company is built on the principal of partnering with community based financial institutions to address new ways of moving more revenue to the bottom line.

As you know all too well, the financial services business has become more complex due in a large part to new regulations and the current overall economic conditions. Neither is going away soon…

We Are Dedicated

Frederick Martin Advisors is dedicated to serving the community focused financial industry to improve its success and profitability. Our advisors have years of experience with community banks and credit unions. Frederick Martin Advisors’ goal is to work with you in making your organization more successful.

Our Approach

In order to be of value to our clients, we feel that it is critical that we understand the business drivers that make a financial organization different than its competitors. In doing so, we recognize how a business can better serve its customers or members. In many cases our clients ask us to assist them with developing the business strategy and to identify the business drivers. Armed with that information, we are in the best position to be of service and provide solid recommendations.

Our Services

We offer a wide array of services that are specifically designed with the objective of developing executable strategies that will help improve your company’s profitability. No two financial institutions have the same issues and concerns. That’s why it is of the utmost importance to us to understand every aspect of your organization before developing the scope of work and providing recommendations.

We hope that you will contact us should you feel that we can be of service. Our staff has years of experience assisting community based financial institutions, helping businesses address strategic issues, and moving revenue to the bottom line. If you are interested in talking in more detail on how we might be able to help your financial institution please contact us by phone at (952)-303-5566 or by email at info@fredmaradvisors.com.

Dean Schumann
Managing Partner

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